Unlock Your Home’s True Value

The property market is competitive.
Investing in home staging gives you a competitive edge.

home staging

Home staging

Is your home presented in a way that will receive the highest possible market price? People buy homes that provoke emotion – that feeling where your heart skips a beat and you think…‘Oh, I love this.’ The more that buyers enjoy your home, want your home, and can imagine a great lifestyle there, the more they are willing to pay. The Staging Room can breathe life into your empty house and hide imperfections making it feel warm and inviting.

Partial staging

Your home is already furnished, but is there room for improvement?  The answer is yes!  We can work with your style of existing furnishings to create a fresh and cohesive look.  Our ‘Open Plan’ partial staging enhances homes creating the ‘wow’ factor for potential buyers.  Our stylists will hand-pick pieces to make your house stand out.  Even small changes make a big difference.

What is The Staging Room?

We are a Tauranga-based family business that styles homes to sell. We have interior design and home styling down to a fine art. And as a family of artists, we know how to set a scene with our creative touch. With a range of high-quality furniture, soft furnishings, art and décor, The Staging Room is here to add personality and a touch of luxury to your space. Staging is one of the final stages of preparing a house for sale, but it is sometimes overlooked. We are experts at preparing your house to perform.

How can we help you?

Let us help you stand out from the hundreds of other properties listed online by creating beautifully staged spaces that people would be proud to call home.  Whether you are a real estate agent or developer wanting to maximise a home’s selling potential or a private seller wondering how to stand out from the crowd, we can help you succeed.

Our door is open

We are ready to help you boost your potential return. Contact us today to book your free consultation and quote.